Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Colt Mustang Upgrades

I mentioned a while back buying an ambidextrous safety from Cylinder & Slide for my Colt Mustang and discovering it was not dead simple, like a 1911.  So I took it to QPR Gunsmithing who seems to not only know his trade, but is a very nice person as well.  (My experience on this with other gunsmiths has been mixed.)  Here it is:
The safety is stainless like the rest of the gun.  And extended as well, making it hard to miss.

Milt tested it at a range, and I verified the safety worked before I left the shop.  I was surprised to see that if yoiu have the trigger depressed and you take off the safety, it fires.  My other Colt .380 works identically, so this is just part of the design unlike the 1911 which I believe requires you to release the trigger first.  Still, under what conditions would you pull the trigger, keep it depressed, and take off the safety.  When you realize that the bad guy was not impressed with a trigger pull because the safety is still on.

I also bought a stainless steel recoil spring guide to replace the plastic one that is factory.

The only claims made for stainless steel is more durable than plastic.  I do wonder if it might stay straighter under recoil and reduce barrel flex.  Time to go shooting!

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