Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mildly Interesting Task That Would Be Generally Helpful to the Gun Rights Cause

I have a CSV file containing the USAToday/Northeastern University mass murders 2006-17 data base that one of you clever readers extracted.  It would be very helpful if someone could convert the dead count per incident and dates into a graphical presentation showing mass murder victims per month.  I suspect that the results will be startling to the gun control crowd, and useful for an upcoming debate.

Two different readers are already doing a bangup job on this already.


  1. So this could be done in Excel? I think I could do that. You have my email address already, eric dot bainter at att dot net.


  2. I'm guessing you want a bar chart or graph.

    The hard (that is, not quite trivial) part would be grouping the data by months.

    I could probably do it in about half an hour. That would include generating the graphic. You'd get it back as a PDF or JPG. (Or both.)

    BTW, I'd do it with software that's at least 10 years old and not from Microsoft... How many data lines are there?