Friday, October 25, 2019

It Is Official: I Cannot Install a Cartridge Fuse

Package of fuses arrived.  I installed the new fuses for X, Y, and A (which I do not use).  By accident, I removed and reinstalled the Z fuse.  Y and Z work fine.  X does not.  I tried swapping cables; Y cable talking to X motor works; X cable talking to X motor does not work; X has no output it appears.  I have inserted both leads carefully with tweezers to make sure there is mechanical resistance.  I also discovered (I think) that if not plugged in at both ends the fuse shows open circuit.  The fuse now in X is showing about 30-50 ohms, similar to the fuses in  Y and Z, which work.

Is there anyone in the Boise area that knows how to install a fuse competently?  I could bring the controller box to you, but it would be nice to verify functionality afterwards.  Besides, you get to meet me face to face.

No, the fuse that was in there was open circuit when removed from the socket.  New fuse accomplished nothing (as was the case with the previous fuse).  Some other part of the X circuitry has obviously failed.  I guess Sherline is the next step.


  1. did you check the fuse for continuity? Both before installing it and after? It could be that it was bad from the factory, or it could be that it has blown.

  2. I think one was bad from the factory.