Monday, October 28, 2019

Snap Caps

I would love to buy a tiny number of snap caps fror dry firing and function verification: two .380 ACP; two 9mm; two .45 ACP; two .22LR; two .223; two .308.  But these are only sold in packs 5, 10, etc.  Have any of you bought one of these packs and are willing to sell one or two?  If not, would you be interesting in parting out a pack?

Yup.  Just buy a pack.  I grew up poor and it still affects my brain.


  1. Postage to get them to you would be more than the cost of the 10 packs, I think

  2. For .22, you can use #4 drywall anchors.

  3. For the center fire calibers couldn't you deprime the case and put silicone in the primer pocket. Think I read about something like that years ago.

  4. A couple of points:

    Many snap caps have a limited life span when used. Probably no good reason to not buy the whole pack.

    Snap caps, as opposed to proper dummy rounds, aren't generally considered best for function proving. That's why they make dummy rounds, also known as action proving rounds.