Saturday, October 26, 2019

Swallowing Issue

I have been plagued the last two years by a swallowing problem known as globus syndrome, because it feels like there is a ball in your throat.  This apparently a common problem if you have had strokes on both sides.  The longer that I talk, the more annoying it becomes.  After an hour or so, I am exhausted, although I am told that I sound fine.

I mentioned this problem to someone at church who has been having this same problem.  "More water and chew gum."  And amazingly, it works.  I used to suck hard candy, which had a similarly beneficial effect (promoting saliva production), but it was hard to talk with candy in my mouth.  Gum, not so much.


  1. There's a xylitol based gum called Spry. Xylitol is natural (Nutrasweet makes me sick), plus it has an antibacterial effect on tooth decay germs. And it keeps your mouth moist.

  2. xylitol causes one step back from diarrhea for me.