Sunday, October 20, 2019

Interesting Problem

I made so much money on the recent work for Baird v, Becerra as to make my social security duisability check perhaps subject to some reduction for a month or two.  Because this self-employment income, I could sink some money into a hexcore laptop with a 1TB SSD and 64GB of RAM and have a buttkickingly fast laptop.  Something like this.    I would still have a slight loss of disability pay for a month, but far less than not buyimng this monster.  I might keep my tiny notebook for travelling (it is tiny, and I would keep all files updated from Godzilla nightly).

1TB is all I need, and the Lenovo UltaDock 3.0 that I already have for sharing three displays is nice.

I was going to order one, but the more I thought about, the actual reduction in disability check is what I earned minus the difference between my net writing business income and minus my earned wages at College of Western Idaho.  That is far less than the cost of the Tim Taylor special..  If I replaced the current x140e, which works fine for everything but video editing, I would need to buy another license for Microsoft Office.


  1. Caramba, that sounds like a wild laptop. (Tim Allen voice--that's turbo mode!). Why not get it? For a researcher and writer, seems like a worthy tool.

  2. Get a machine with an NVRME drive. I have an HP zBook with an NVRME drive and it's so damn fast it'll melt your face off. It absolutely beats an SSD drive by a mile.

  3. Or you could by a high-end Macbook Pro and have all of the capabilities, none of the problems, and lasting durability.

  4. Nice specs. It is not a current Lenovo model and I guess has been upgraded by the seller. Two things to look at - a) If you buy an actual current thinkpad from Lenovo or a legit retailer then your phone support will be handled by ex-IBM folks in Atlanta GA, and if you call they recognize whether or not you are savvy and act accordingly; b) If this is not for portability think about a desktop, this laptop will thermal throttle and you may experience 2.2GHz more often than 4+Ghz. It's a lot of money so do your research ;)