Saturday, October 19, 2019

Where Can I Find of These on Sunday in Boise?

I am sure one of my former HP colleagues has one or several on a shelf.
It says 3A LE on the side.

But not with infinite resistance.


  1. Not enough! Running past end of range on an axis blows the fuse. Admittedly, I should have paid more attention. I have ordered 10 more from Sherline next day air, but I am impatient.

  2. On Sunday? In Boise, ID? What have you been smoking, Clayton!

    I did a search, maybe this will help somewhat, but Sunday isn't a good day for shopping for electronics parts these days. I have bought a lot from Grainger, both for myself & companies I have worked for, but though they have an outlet in Boise it isn't open Sundays; so alas, I can't help your immediate need. Here's the search results:

    When you do get your ordered pico fuses, did you order fast acting or delayed? Maybe the delayed would prevent your situation from constantly blowing fuses- I don't know how much of a risk that would be though. Good luck!

  3. Jay: An interesting idea. Eskyman: I was hoping an electronics hobbyist would have them on his workbench.

  4. Eskyman: expecting replacements from Sherline on Tuesday. I am just an impatient person, or so my wife tells me.

  5. Clayton, I wasn't referring to your patience or lack of it- just asking if the fuses you ordered were fast-acting fuses or delayed action fuses.

    I've repaired some problems where fuses were blowing often by simply replacing the fast-acting with delayed action, and voila! No more blown fuses. It's a good idea to monitor the situation closely until you're sure there is no harm done by the delay, though.

    I do hope you'll inform us of the results!

  6. I am reluctant to use fuses in any way different from the ones Sherline supplies. I suspect this controller box is not cheap to replace.