Sunday, October 13, 2019

DQSH is Not the Latest Variant of Daesh

Interesting Piece About Drag Queen Story Hour:
Mr. Havranek, who performs in character as Venus Valhalla, was dressed to the nines: a flirty red party frock (think Early Katy Perry), sparkly stilettos, a Niagara Falls of a blonde wig, and enough stage makeup to supply all 14,000 extras in “The Ten Commandments.”…
The adults present loved Drag Queen Story Hour. They laughed at Venus’s jokes, and they sang the children’s songs along with her, rolling their hands and shaking their fingers Hokey Pokey-style as she did. When she stuck out her tongue during a ditty about a frog, so did the mothers and fathers. It was the children who . . . didn’t react at all. They either stared transfixed at Venus, squirmed restlessly, or crawled and toddled off to find their own entertainments. ...
I have an even better suggestion: Leave the little ones with the babysitter and have a Drag Queen Story Hour just for parents. Adults these days crave kid stuff—coloring books, Legos, cookie dough—and those moms and dads who stuck out their tongues for the frog song will likely jump at another chance to sit on the floor, try on jewelry, relive kindergarten, and virtue-signal. That should make everyone happy.
If public libraries really think this is an appropriate use of tax dollars and tax-funded facilities, I will start to wonder if they deserve any tax support at all.

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