Friday, March 15, 2019

Why Only the Government Should Be Trusted With Guns

And why a complete gun ban will not work.  11/30/18 ABC Bay Area:
OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Firearms stolen or lost by officers has been a problem in the Bay Area for years. It happened again on Tuesday outside the Federal Building in downtown Oakland. 
A San Francisco Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives vehicle was at the center of a smash and grab. The thieves took off with law enforcement equipment. 
The report goes on to list an M4 among the stolen equipment.  How hard is to secure a firearm in a police car?


  1. Or body cameras that allow live streaming of the shootings. We want the Police so equipped so people can see how they are actually confronted by their assailants. But then again we get people who intended to show the world their power, not just by placing they're writing on the net, but broadcasting live their murders.

  2. An ATF car isn't a police patrol type. They don't bother mounting racks for long guns. I'm guessing in a case in the back, possibly in the trunk.

    They make racks for between the front seats, above them to the roof, and in the trunk.

  3. Sadly, there are two reasons that firearms are not properly secured in Law Enforcement vehicles. 1) The bean counters are not going to pay for extra security in a vehicle. I've seen a lot of agency vehicles where the bean counters won't even put in cages for arrestees. 2) A lot of LE are non-gun people. They don't have that concept. Heck, the majority of the administration at my agency don't have a clue about firearms.

    For the past several years, I've been scheduled to go to the range at the same time as one of our Majors, and it's been my job to babysit that person. I make sure there are no negligent discharges or unsafe firearms handling. I also have to load (and at times unload) their magazines and help them disassemble their firearm for cleaning.

    And I often have to clean their firearm also.