Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Why the Left Does Not Always Win

They are sloiw leaners.  After the Supreme upheld Masterpiece Cake's right to refuse to make cakes that conflicted with his religious beliefs:
On the same day Phillips won a 7-2 decision in the U.S. Supreme Court, June 26, that he did not have to bake and design a cake for a same-sex wedding, a lawyer asked Masterpiece Cakeshop to bake a gender transition cake that was pink on the inside and blue on the outside. 
The Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which had previously targeted Phillips for fines regarding the same-sex wedding cake, again found probable cause that state law required him to bake and design the gender-transition cake. 
Of course, Masterpiece went to federal court, and now the Colorado Religious Oppression Commission has agreed to drop the suit.  Is there is any more clear sign of the essentially fascist nature of progressive thought than this Kafkaesque, "we lost, so we'll keep harassing with the same nonsense."  Apparently there was some personal risk to the Commissars, doubtless why they dropped the case on the second round.

No LGBTIIQABCDEF should have to worry about being a victim of the government, but this insistence on oppression by their self-appointed "leaders" may not end well for them, if the left gets the civil war they are trying to start.


  1. Malicious compliance: avoid the lawsuit, bake the cake, but make it taste terrible. Apologize profusely and preemptively offer to refund the cost of the cake.