Sunday, March 24, 2019

Why I Try Not to Fly United Airlines Anymore

They have announced that from now on, Mr. and Ms. now have a third choice, Mx.  I cannot imagine how LGBTABCDEFGs have acquired so much power in corporate America.


  1. It has happened in an inverse proportion from the first chapter of Romans being thundered from the pulpit. The Church leads the culture.

  2. How did they get so much power in the medical and psychiatric communities? Apparently they are also high placed there as they are in the entertainment world. I wonder who the main proponents of the acceptance of the gender confusion and mutilation agenda are (names and journal papers written).

  3. I don't fly united anymore because for 5 flights in a row they were more than an hour late.

    But you ask how the LGBALPHABET has so much power in the AIRLINE industry?

    Have you noticed how most of the male attendants behave?

    It's *REALLY* cheap to add a Mx to that field (over time). You spend more *making the decision* than implementing it. It makes some of your employees and customers happy, most of the rest don't give a s*t one way or the other, and the last bit, well, they'll forget soon enough.

    We have to use the correct letters. ;)