Monday, March 4, 2019

Going Fully Nerd

One display for the spreadsheet of horror; one for the book of horror; one for the newspapers I am reading.  (The laptop display is too small to be useful.)  The good news: no more connectors for displays.


  1. I quess this is better than having you get plug points in your head.

    But this is why I like my 27 inch Imac.

  2. I can recommend getting a stand that holds multiple monitors. I have two, one directly in front of me, and one off to one side at a slight angle. Main work is in front. The side holds things like weather, social media (though I disconnected mostly at the beginning of the year.) Videos or music or whatever.

    It is also useful so I can type and have a couple of references open on the right to glance at or search as needed.

    My 2 monitor are right next to each other at the same level. The bevels touch.

    Of course I bought 2 identical monitors.

  3. I just use a UHD 49" curved Samsung monitor / TV. It only cost $500 and the cost has gone down since I bought it.