Sunday, March 31, 2019

Frustrating Internet Service Problem

My wireless Internet Service is down.  Some little creature chewed through the cable where it exits the house and goes to the dish on the roof.  (I have a suspect, but he might sue me in canine court for libel.) 

I have also noticed that our phone service has become much more iffy than just a month or two ago.  The ISP tells me that Verizon is swapping out 4G equipment on their towers for equipment that will serve 5G as well.  I am sure that when 5G is available, I will get January's 4G( range at 5x the price.)

As you might expect, trying to use my phone as a hotspot is a profound disappointment.  When the phone is next to my PC (south side of the house), I get about 220Kbps.  In the master bedroom, I get 1.1 Mbps (sometimes).  This is insufficient for TV and too frustrating for web browsing.  Even email is very frustrating.

My ISP will be out tomorrow, hopefully with armored cable.


  1. What brave new world we live in. Awhile back I learned that when my internet access fails I go from four bars to one on my phone. Seems it was Wi Fi connecting to the wireless router as the closest equivalent tower. Just the reverse it sounds of your situation.

    And yes, if I want to use my cloud at my favorite local restaurant I have to use my phone as a hot spot for my laptop because the restaurant doesn't have WiFi.

  2. We once had a cat who liked to chew the occasional cable. Rubbing some dish soap on them made them very much less tasty.