Saturday, March 2, 2019

Income Equality

3/1/19 Daily Caller:
Students and parents at a New Jersey high school plan to protest a new policy banning limos and party buses as acceptable transportation to and from the senior prom, CBS New York reported this week.
The wretched excess and excuse for parents to look the other way about premarital sex is one of the reminders that Christianity is a rapidly shrinking minority faith in America.  A year or so ago, one of the Catholic high schools back East abolished senior prom because of how outrageous it had become.  At my high school in 1974, one couple flew to San Francisco to spend the night, and alcohol flowed at the afterparties, I understand.  (I did not attend senior prom: where would a nerd like me have gotten a date?  And dancing wasn't my thing.)

Of course, when my son took his then girlfriend (now working on her Ph.D. in biology) to senior prom he took the Corvette, so maybe I should not talk.

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