Friday, March 15, 2019

Fortunately, New Zealand Does Not Have the NRA

3/15/19 USA Today:
On what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern labeled as "one of New Zealand's darkest days," 49 people were killed in shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch, the worst act of violence in the country in nearly three decades.
“It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack,” Ardern said.
Police arrested three men and a woman. One of the suspects has been charged with murder.
Of course, Occasional-Cortex is blaming NRA. 

This summary of the killer's ideas makes him sound like Occasional-Cortex blended with David Duke.  He describes himself as an eco-fascist:
Western culture is trivialized, pulped and blended into a smear of meaningless nothing, with the only tenets and beliefs seemingly held to are the myth of the individual, the value of work (productivity for the benefit of your capitalist owners) and the sovereignty of property (to ensure none of us get grand ideas of taking the unearned wealth of our owners.)
A secondary goal was to goad individuals on the Left into pushing for gun control. He says he chose to use guns in order to push precisely that agenda in order to “create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States.” He believes if the Left can be pushed into trying to weaken Second Amendment rights this will splinter the country, resulting in “a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.”
 If this seems odd, he is a fan of the People's Republic of China and recently visited North Korea.  A U.S .in civil war would cease to be a limit on the ambitions of the aforesaid nations.  If balkanization seems unlikely, consider this map of the mess that was collapsing  Yugoslavia:
Imagine the U.S. with widespread rebellion against the national government, and the mainstream media selling it as a race and religious war.  You know they would, completely unconcerned about hundreds of thousands dead.


  1. Have you read the purported manifesto yet? I will try to do that next, but the leftists have been saying it proves why Trump and the NRA are the spawn of the Devil. Also curious about NZ gun laws. Assumed they were similar to Australia. NPR had the NZ ambassador on saying they will look to increase their gun laws. Finally I read one report that said at one of the shooting sites (the second I think) a member returned fire!

  2. New Zealand doesn't have the NRA, but the law-abiding gun owners there will surely wish that they had created something like that body, as they now face the extinction of any gun rights they had.

    Their Prime Minister is already dressed as a muslim, wearing a hijab as befits a dhimmi, and is kowtowing to the muslim community for this atrocity; she is no friend of gun owners, and will be sure to punish all those who had nothing to do with this by depriving them of their weapons. The people there are subjects, so do not have rights as we understand them here; there is no 2nd Amendment to be violated, nor do they have freedom of speech as we do.

    Of course no mention will be made, and the media will remain silent, about the mass murder of 120 Christians in Nigeria; that was done by muslims, as most such atrocities are, so it isn't newsworthy.

  3. That map is also a witness to the mess the Austro-Hungarian Empire was before, during and after World War 1. Orders had to be issued in SIXTEEN languages. Additionally, areas changed ownership in both the First Balkan War and the Second.

  4. I would take anything said in the guy's manifesto with a very large grain of salt. It's like he was Trolling the world. It included some famous meme rants just pasted in, and random things like blaming video games including "Spyro the Dragon" and Fortnight. Everyone with an axe to grind is finding the one thing that advances their agenda and ignores the rest of the fake puffery filling the bulk of the thing out.

    Some research has shown him to be lefty leaning, which is probably why social media is doing its best to stamp out any links to the manifesto, or the video.

  5. Thomas Wictor has an interesting analysis of the shooter's motive. He thinks it was an internet troll attack. Not political or religious at all.

    He bases this on a careful reading of the manifesto and explains why, including citations.

    I went and read the manifesto, as opposed to reading what people say the manifesto says.

    I think Wictor may be right.

    It was not that easy to find a copy of the manifesto. I did finally find it but it took about 10 minutes.

    Here's a link:

    Here's a link to Thomas Wictor's explication:

    John Henry