Friday, March 8, 2019

Great to Have Such Knowledgeable Readers

A few days ago, I mentioned my need for a 30 degree wedge to which to mount my Frankenvise.  I knew about sine bars, but not wide enough to mount Frankenvise.  (I have a Sherline tilting table, but it not capable of holding Frankenvise, and the Sherline milling vise cannot hold a 2.75" wide piece of stock.)  A reader pointed me to sine vises which combine the sine block with a vise.  I just ordered this from Amazon.  It has enough jaw capacity for my needs, and it is certainly more precise than Frankenvise.  It is also only slightly more expensive than the materials I was going to need to build that one degree only wedge.  The only real issue is that I will need to drill some holes in the base to lock it down to T-nuts on the mill table.

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