Friday, March 8, 2019

The Wheels Just Came Off the Clown Car

3/8/19 Washington Times:
House Democrats voted Friday to defend localities that allow illegal immigrants to vote in their elections, turning back a GOP attempt to discourage the practice.
The vote marks a stunning reversal from just six months ago, when the chamber — then under GOP control — voted to decry illegal immigrant voting.
“We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in,” Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and hero of the civil rights movement, told colleagues as he led opposition to the GOP measure.
Even many Americans not supportive of the Wall are going to be upset about this.  This is shameless vote pandering--by people who aren't even legally present.  The 2020 election ads write themselves.

1 comment:

  1. No kidding. There will be ads against Republican Representatives who "couldn't bring themselves to vote against generic statements against bigotry and hatred in the House or Representatives, ads quoting governors and such either speaking approvingly of infanticide, or at the least describing the laws that permit infanticide in a neutral, matter-of-fact way. Now we have states usurping the federal government's role in determining citizenship.
    Interesting times ahead.