Saturday, March 2, 2019

Abandoning Vivaldi

A bit to frequently, the screen goes black, and I have to right click close it.  Sometimes it remembers its tabs but just now it lost them 34 newspapers (I think) into 1883.  Suggestions on a reliable non-Google, non-Mozilla browser?


  1. I go back and forth between Opera and Vivaldi. They don't seem to keep up with development. Though the update of Vivaldi that came out recently seems to be fairly stable.

    There is Pale Moon which is fairly similar to Firefox, without being Gecko-based. They fell behind for a while, but the new version seems to be stable. I admit I don't use it that much.

    There is always Brave - but I prefer to see no ads as opposed to their ads. (Though they do screen out the trackers.) I had it installed briefly when it was first available, but I wasn't using it and deleted it.


    Chromium-based. Uses Chrome app store.

  3. I use Brave for any sensitive browsing (banking, etc). I've had no problems with it, aside from it appearing a bit slower than Chrome/Firefox

  4. Opera. Stable and works with pretty much everything I've tried. Great privacy features, works a lot like Chrome, but consumes few far resources. Great on laptop batteries.

  5. Maybe check out Waterfox, it's a better attempt at what Pale Moon was trying at the time I switched from it. Pale Moon has a lot of problems, starting with the attitudes of its developers, who are very bad at security and don't play well with others, see the OpenBSD porting debacle for details on both.

    But for financial things, I start up a single instance of Firefox currently, only Mozilla and Google are really serious about security and unlikely to ship something with a keylogger that phones home. If you aren't using Chrome or Chromium otherwise, I'd choose them, currently Mozilla is much further along the path of social justice convergence and is pulling a variety of stunts to get more income, one of which will likely be a huge security breach someday.

  6. Opera with Pale Moon as backup. Watch out for Chrome, if you've ever had it installed it's probably still running in the background, as I found to my dismay.

    I tried out Brave, but didn't like it for reasons I no longer remember.