Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Hits Just Keep Coming

People v. Webb. (Ill. 2019):
HOLDINGS: [1]-In a case involving two defendants who
were charged with violating 720 ILCS 5/24-1(a)(4)
(2016) after they were discovered carrying stun guns in
public, the Supreme Court concluded that the portion of
§ 24-1(a)(4) that prohibits the carriage or possession of
stun guns and tasers is facially unconstitutional under
the Second Amendment; [2]-Because § 24-1(a)(4)
constitutes a categorical ban on stun guns and tasers,
the provision necessarily cannot stand; [3]-The
Supreme Court rejected the State's argument that § 24-
1(a)(4) is merely a regulation of stun guns and tasers.
Rather, that provision sets forth a comprehensive ban
that categorically prohibits possession and carriage of
stun guns and tasers in public.
Yes in Illinois!  Unanimous decision of the Illinois Supreme Court.

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  1. If the pigs aren't flying, they're warming up at the end of the field, and the sacred cows of the Left better get out of the pasture if they don't want to become hamburger for Liberty.

    (How's that for mixing metaphors like a mad scientist?)
    Glad to know you're still among us and that your hands are better, too!