Saturday, July 22, 2017

Want to See How Fiercely Anti-Gun New York Police Are?

PANZELLA v. Sposato (N.Y.App.2nd 2017). I am not sure that I can do justice to this collection of differing jurisdictions.

Christine Panzella's long guns are confiscated by Nassau County Sheriff's Department after her ex-husband files for a temporary protection order for stalking. That order said nothing about confiscating guns. Whatever the problem was, the ex dropped the request. Nassau Sheriff refused to return the guns without a court order even though they confiscated the guns without cause and by their own admission, she was free to go buy more. And her pistol license was still valid!


  1. That attitude about guns is the default setting for LEO's and other bureaucrats in Democratic Party controlled areas. Once they get their mitts on a firearm, for any reason, they are loath to release them, even to ignoring judges orders to give them back to the owners. Typically, they refuse, knowing that it will cost you more in lawyer fees to fight it, than the gun is worth. This is a win, to those clowns.

  2. File a criminal complaint for theft. If it's not prosecuted and the guns are retained, file a criminal complaint for conspiracy against the prosecutor's office. Eventually you hit a jurisdiction that won't play along with illegally taking property.