Monday, July 17, 2017

A Completely Absurd Set of Binoculars

Absurdly good optics quite too big to hold.


  1. Thought:

    Do NOT click "Buy It Now" unless you have a very well funded Amazon Account. At $39,000, you have to really NEED this puppy!

  2. I got my hands on a pair of Skywatcher 150mm (shade less than 6") f/5 refractors years ago. I made a binocular with them, on a mount of my own design. Relatively low power/wide field, I get about 20x to 120x with them. I have about $3K in the setup.

  3. I've read about binoculars used by fire control on ships, and seen pictures of BIG (or what I considered BIG) binoculars for astronomical use that required tripods, but they were only the size of the first section nearest the eyepiece on this set. Supposedly when used in astronomy binoculars gave a more three-dimensional look to the moon and planets.