Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Have Plugged in My Bluetooth Keyboard For the Phone

Not quite as pleasant as using my laptop, but easier than using my fat fingers to type on the tiny virtual keyboard on the Samsung screen.  The kitchen outlets are powered by the backup generator.  Idaho Power is saying that we should have power by 9:30.  I was putting together a mid-term online in Blackboard for my class.  I may run an extension cord to my treadmill for a while then run it to the office.


  1. If your phone is reasonably new (and Android), it might very well support USB On The Go, which lets it sort of act as a host. This means you can get a cable with a female A connector on one end and the mate to your phone's port on the other, and plug in a full-size USB keyboard (or mouse!). It's pretty neat--my phone does that. I keep meaning to find my hub to see if I can get both at the same time.

  2. I always carry pen-stylus combos for writing & texting, like now.