Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ever Needed a Wire?

My wife and I have been watching White Collar on Netflix.  It is a lot of fun with some very clever (for American TV) dialog, much of it doubtless above the average viewer.  One mildly crazy character is saying, "So I said to Derrida, I'll raise your deconstructionism..."  There are many episodes where our hero, the conman with a heart of gold is wearing a wire.  Ever wanted to record a conversation surreptitiously for later use in court (criminal or civil)?  Android phones have a Voice Recorder app.  Leave the microphone part of the phone sticking above your shirt pocket, facing outward.  Hit record in the app; go in to where you need to record.  It does surprisingly well.

Keep in mind that in some states, both parties must consent.  Idaho is a one-party consent state.

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  1. I use the Voice Memo feature on the iPhone all the time. I need to conduct many interviews to collect software requirements, and I record them so I can go back later and tease out any points I might have missed in my note-taking. I don't always (remember to) notify the interview subjects that they're being recorded, since I'm under no legal requirement to.

    Frankly, another reason I record the conversations is that a lot of them take place with women, where it's just her and me in the room. The recording is for my protection, in case she decides to accuse me of inappropriate speech or behavior in order to get some lawsuit money.