Wednesday, July 26, 2017

No Power

Idaho Power is not at the moment.  These are the times when backup power sounds more and more attractive.  The backup generator is keeping the well pump, preasurization pump,   and kitchen operational, but 6Kw is not enough to feed all circuits. I could run an extension cord from kitchen to office but I am hoping they figure it or sooner. There is a solar panel at work in the telescope garage, but the inverter is not a sine wave output, so not worth moving it. Unlike most of the outages we have had, this is daylit, so the PV system I blogged about a few days ago would be helpful even without battery backup. That is on my last of things to pursue shortly, perhaps after I start getting paychecks from the college.  I have exhausted my NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund grant,  so some more income is most convenient. 

Do not feel sorry for me.   My IRA had grown so fast that I am going to increase how much I take out each month.  As I explain in my "Becoming Wealthy" page, properly invested, your IRA or 401k can grow faster in retirement than you need to support an extravagant lifestyle.

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