Thursday, July 20, 2017

Improving Approval of Trump

Instapundit points out the headline is deceptive.  True but misleading:
In May, 82% of Trump voters said they’d vote for him again. In July, it’s 88%. His support has actually increased by 6%. A more accurate headline would be something like Trump’s Base Happier Than In May: Support Rises 6%.
Remember the job of the Democratic Party journalists is to deceive.  Always has been.  I just cannot remember when the level of intentional deception was so obvious.  I smell panic.

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  1. There was a joke in the seventies about a race between an American Car and a Soviet Car. Pravda reported the results of the race as follows: "The Soviet Car made a good showing and came in Second. The American Car's performance was a disappointment to viewers, it came in next to last."