Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Today's Gun Technical Question

When you drop the magazine on an AR-15, does the button stay depressed until another magazine is inserted?  The gunsmith insists that it should.  How does your work?  \

I went back to talk to the gunsmith today to clarify.  He explained what he meant--the magazine release was not adjusted correctly for holding the magazine.  I characterized this as a "communication problem," which provides face-saving opportunity.  He insisted that if there was a communications problem, it wasn't on his side.  Anyway, I am leaving it with him.  He is still insistent that a friend who installed the rear QD mount used the wrong part, and apparently installed it wrong.  This gunsmith isn't strong on the communications part of running a business, but if he has the technical part right, this doesn't matter much.


  1. Nope. There's supposed to be a spring that pushes it back out.
    Part #70 on this diagram:

    I'd find a real gunsmith instead of this pretender.

  2. Find a new gunsmith ASAP. This is AR building 101.

    The mag release button is held out by a spring. It should always pop back out as soon as you release it.

  3. Absolutely not. The mag release button is spring loaded. In fact, if it stayed depressed, one would have to push on the left-hand side to engage the mag, toggle style.

    Push- mag falls out.
    Release- button returns to position.
    Slam fresh mag in- no movement of button.

    This isn't even gunsmith level stuff, in my opinion. I assembled a couple of ARs myself and it is ridiculously evident when you do so as you have to put the spring in. I'm not totally mechanically ignorant, but I am far from a gunsmith. If he has been assembling them without the spring, I don't even know what to say.

    Either he's never assembled an AR or he is horribly ignorant for a modern gunsmith.

  4. 4 years Marine Corps.
    2.5 years Army National Guard
    5 years USAF Reserves.

    I've got a brand new AR on my lap (as in hasn't been fired).

    Find a gunsmith, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

  5. the mag release button? that's on a spring that pushes it back out.

    i guess if you left the spring out the button would tend to stay in.

  6. Hit publish too soon. There is nothing to hold the magazine catch open while no mag is in the well. Further, the spring is under the button, lok at a video on assembling a lower receiver. Truly, this "gunsmith" doesn't understand AR's.

  7. No, of course not. It pops back out since that action is what holds the magazine in. Get a new gunsmith.

  8. Gunsmith is wrong. The entire magazine release on an AR consists of 3 parts - the button (female threads), the magazine latch (which is L-shaped, with one arm of the L being the male threads that feed into the button and the other being the piece that actually holds the magazine), and a spring that resides between the button and receiver exterior.

    The button may not go out quite as far to the right when a magazine is inserted depending on clearances, but the button should always push out to the right when a magazine is released.

  9. In my experience 13 years in the army it does not

  10. Clayton,
    My AR-15 is a Colt Delta-Hbar model 6600. The mag release button springs back to the full, raised position when the mag is released.
    The mag release is depressed only when I hold it down, a spring keeps it raised all other times ; whether a magazine is inserted or not.

  11. Wow. What they all said: The mag release button pops back out, and you need a better wrench-bender