Friday, July 21, 2017

I Can't Seem to Make Chrome's Home Button go to

It seems stuck on  Is this changeable?  Figured it out.


  1. First you tell us not to use Google because the support gun grabbing. An excellent idea, I've not used Google for 10 years now. I recommend

    Now you tell us you use Chrome? Good God, man. Why?

    If you actually like the way chrome works, try comodo dragon. It is chrome without Google.

    Otherwise firefox, opera, SeaMonkey or another browser.

    Friends don't let friends use Google. Gun grabbing is the least of the problems

    John Henry

  2. Fully agree with John Henry above.

    With Google, you really don't need to feed the beast. It feeds itself.

    There's also Brave and Pale Moon browsers, and DuckDuckGo for searches.