Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hard Choices for Progressives

The prominent atheist and apologist for evolution, Richard Dawkins, has had his presentation at Berkeley pulled by KPFA, the progressive radio station:
Dear Richard Dawkins event ticket buyers,
We regret to inform you that KPFA has canceled our event with Richard Dawkins. We had booked this event based entirely on his excellent new book on science, when we didn’t know he had offended and hurt – in his tweets and other comments on Islam, so many people. 
KPFA does not endorse hurtful speech. While KPFA emphatically supports serious free speech, we do not support abusive speech. We apologize for not having had broader knowledge of Dawkins views much earlier.  We also apologize to all those inconvenienced by this cancellation. Your ticket purchases will automatically be refunded by Brown Paper Tickets.
While claiming to support free speech that isn't hurtful, any free speech that doesn't offend someone is hardly worth making.  Free speech, Islam: pick one.

Hat tip to Mark Steyn and Small Dead Animals.

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