Sunday, July 30, 2017

Disturbing Story of Inbreeding and Polygamy

From the Daily Mail:

Fundamentalist LDS community has very rare genetic defect that causes retardation,  among other disabilities. The article makes it sounds like polygamy is the major issue,  but primarily because it makes inbreeding unavoidable. I am sure the polygamy and incest laws will be struck down one of these years as Bronze Age superstition.


  1. If the Obergefellatiated concept of marriage is no longer checks and balances on human mating, but a set of obligations the married party places on society rather than the other way around, there is no official excuse to ban polygamy and incestuous marriage.

  2. Wash your mouth out!
    At least until the powers that be decide that polygamy and incestuous marriage is something it isn't fair to ban. They will "evolve", you see.