Saturday, July 22, 2017


Not enough adrenalin coursing through your blood?  This is the fix. More intense than 2001.  A story of courage and self- sacrifice that is a reminder of what film can be when you do not get trapped into making only movies based on comic books or ones whose title always ends with a number.   We saw several previews for DC and Marvel derived comics.   Some I would pay to not watch.  (Not much,  but something. )  have we really created a nation so juvenile that Justice League is a basis for a commercially successful film?

There are so many great stories of heroism,  courage, and decency out there,  and Dunkirk stands out because so much of the competition is so bad.   Corregidor, Fort Sumter, Father "We lepers" Damien, Semmelweis and childbed fever, discovery of anesthesia, Jonas Salk and polio vaccine (ending  with one of the block long lines for vaccination that I remember) ... so many good stories.


  1. Sorry, we're not allowed to like it.

    Not enough minorities and women were involved, just heroic white men who don't count.

  2. my sentiments on the Life of William Claiborne, first governor of Louisiana. In his life he confronted homicidal River Pirates, Indian war parties incited by the Spanish, Small Pox and Yellow Fever epidemics, the New Madrid Earthquake, bigotry and slavery, and even Jean Lafitte. That said, what do we get from HBO: Alt History of the third American Civil War.

    I will now go back to the true form of modern Slavery: On-line computer games. Rather play them then watch the news media make a conspiracy of Donald Trump selling an apartment to a Russian in 2005.

  3. While visually stunning I found the movie to lack the scale of the evacuation. Nolan tried to focus on a few narrow views, but it didn't work for me.

    Plus, lots of technical gaffes (the Spit Mk V wasn't even ordered until late 1940, the destroyers were anchored (huh?) in a war zone and didn't have engines up/guns manned (huh? and there isn't a lot of open space to put a few hundred extra people below decks milling around.

    Also, why were British soldiers standing in salt water in formation, for hours, while the tides came in and out?

  4. British army discipline went along with the Navy, RAF, and civilian sailers played a key in the success of the evacuation. They had some of this included such as the soldiers trying to clear the way for the soldiers running with the stretcher. I felt they emphasized the soldiers dropping their discipline instead. I wish they would have shown more of the soldiers that maintained their composure !