Friday, May 5, 2017

When a Mentally Ill Asylum Inmate Almost Won the Democratic Nomination in Idaho's 1st Congressional District, I Was Floored

But this is a sign of how thin the Democratic bench is here.  5/5/17 The Guardian:
Troy Minton is the only Democratic candidate for governor of Idaho. He is also homeless. The idiosyncrasies of his campaign do not end there.
“I know I’m innocent,” he said this week during a video call from a county jail in Boise, the state capital, where he has been held for almost two weeks for a probation violation. “I’m going to push forward.”
When it comes to unlikely electoral bids, Minton may be in a league of his own. Personal difficulties aside, he must contend with three Republican candidates in a place that hasn’t chosen a Democratic governor in decades. That’s not to mention any other Democrats who might run against him for the 2018 vote in the thinly populated Western state.

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