Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Democrats Claimed Comey Threw the Election Towards Trump

So now they are upset that Trump fired him.  I remember thinking when Comey announced the restarting of the email server investigation, just before the election, that this was odd, because FBI policy has always been to avoid charges or announcements immediately before an election to avoid influencing or seeming to influence an election.  Would the Wicked Witch have won without that?  No.  The enthusiasm gap between her rallies and Trump's showed who was going to get out and vote.  But Comey did violate FBI policy.  Now Trump is firing him for a good reason, the one that upset the Democrats, and now the Democrats are upset.  Great strategy, President Trump.


  1. B-but Trump has that (R) after his name. It means that whatever he does is for nefarious, selfish reasons of personal or party political benefit!

  2. Comey's initial position was fairly understandable. The decision to file charges against Clinton should have been made by the prosecutors in the Justice Department, in that case AG Lynch. Lynch weaseled, and pushed it back to Comey. Comey decided that he could not take responsibility for deciding the election - it was "above his pay grade". It was obvious that some large portion of the American people didn't consider Clinton's actions criminal. They were actions taken in the course of official duties, and it was up to the American people to judge them. He laid out the evidence, and in effect said to the electorate, "It's your decision."

    The October announcement... He had more information, and put it out there for the public.