Thursday, May 11, 2017

Those Dangerous Avocadoes

5/11/17 San Francisco Chronicle:
The Times of London issued a public service announcement of sorts on avocado injuries, with physicians saying that the avocado's rise in popularity has led to an increase in injuries. The Times called it a "global phenomenon."
It seems that the avocado-eating masses are mishandling their fruit, resulting in a multitude of slash and/or stab wounds that have led to "serious nerve and tendon injuries, requiring intricate surgery." In the most extreme cases, the Times reported that patients never regained full use of the injured hand. (In its coverage of avocado handling earlier this month, the New York Times stated the wife of one of its employees racked up a $20,000 hospital bill due to an avocado injury.)
Been there; done that.  No permanent injury, but when the knife goes through the avocado pit and into your hand, it hurts.

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