Thursday, May 11, 2017

Amazon Needs to Do a Better Job Screening Their Vendors

I was looking at 60mm refractors for a friend and along with the typical name brands (Celestron, Meade, Orion) I found:
U.S. Army US-TF30060 Refractor Telescope 300x60 (Black)
Vendor is listed as U.S. Army.  This looks to be some Chinese company relying on ignorance of people who think our military has branched out into low quality optics.  Read the reviews.  Also 300x on a 60mm refractor is going to be useless fuzz,  It is further described as 300mm  focal length, which is not 300x unless using a 1mm eyepiece.  (Never seen one; doubt they exist.)   At f/5, pretty much any such refractor is going to have chromatic aberration hopelessly bad.

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  1. You would think, but until the publisher started talking to his lawyers Amazon was blase about the fact that they were, like this, themselves shipping counterfeit copies of No Starch Press's Python for Kids.

    The flood of counterfeit and low quality items on their site, by no means all from 3rd party vendors (which is like half their income on their retail side if I remember correctly), is looking to be an existential threat to the company.