Monday, May 22, 2017

Religion of Peace or Lutheran Extremists?

5/22/17 BBC:
Andy was in the arena's foyer waiting for his wife and daughter when he was thrown to the ground by the force of the explosion.
He told BBC 5 live the scene was "like something out of a war film".
"When I get up and look round, there's just bodies everywhere. I reckon 20-30 bodies. I can't say if some of them were dead but they looked dead.
"They were covered in blood and were really seriously hurt. The first thing I did was I ran into the arena trying to find my family." He found his family, who were safe, but said there were "kids and teenagers just lying there screaming".
Some reports say suicide nail bomb. Amazing how progressives insist these attacks have nothing to do with Islam.

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  1. I was reminded of Barrack talking about how many people died of terrorism Vs gun violence. In Europe a different Obama quote, regarding how often this seems to happen in a western nation. True, they still don't seem to use guns a lot. But nail bombs isn't a cherry bomb either and the terrorists have now realized the best place to use the bomb is at the exit gate at the end of the event. Its just a matter of time until the bomb is a car bomb detonated in the middle of all the other people and cars in the parking lot.