Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Foreigners Influencing Our Elections!

PjMedia has a report about 5,566 aliens registered to vote, many of whom did vote in Virginia.  And in other states.  Especially bad is that most answered No to the "Are you a U.S. citizen?" question on the registration form.  Worse, this fraud was intentionally supported by officials:
For example, Arlington County General Registrar Linda Lindberg, in an email obtained by PILF, contemplated providing an altered and shorter list of registrants removed for citizenship problems. Her email stated:
Lindberg specifically contemplated hiding the full report of non-citizen cancellations from PILF and then producing an abbreviated list that excluded anyone on the list who subsequently cast a ballot regardless of the timing of any naturalization process.
  • This group [PILF] has and will interpret the fact that there may be voting credit on the cancelled record as “illegal aliens” registering and voting, despite the voter having subsequently affirmed his citizenship. ... I am going to delete or otherwise notate these names from my report, either by deleting the rows from the Excel version or marking them on the report.
This is why I completely ignore the Russia thing.  The Democrats are not really serious about foreign influence on elections.  They are just angry that they lost.

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  1. Add this to the list of issues the Dems are dealing with.


    Wouldn't be surprised they were dreamers, who started as H-1bs and who got the previous- american- workers removed. From the sound of it they ran off with the keys to the Kingdom.