Saturday, May 13, 2017

Boxsprings Are So 20th Century

My back has been bothering me for a while.  I assumed it was that icefall.  Then I assumed the mattress was broken down. Rotating the mattress did not help.  The boxsprings and bedframe are from the Clinton Administration.  The boxspring doesn't have the support it should.  My first thought (as with everything I purchase) was Amazon, in spite of the shipping charges.  But traditional boxsprings and bedframes have been replaced with frame that has steel springs built-in. The weight is merely UPS driver-straining and has the additional advantage that it can be moved in and out of narrow doorways and halls in folded sections.  Laying on the mattress on the new frame, I can immediately feel the painful parts of my back relaxing.  Awesome, amd only $109 Amazon Prime.


  1. The average life of a mattress and spring set is 5 - 7 years. Some very liberal (defined as parsimonious) sources will extend that to 10 years.

    We use Costco as our purveyor, and have for decades. Their sets are guaranteed for a longer period than many, and for $1500 to $2000 you can get very good quality in comparison to "sleep" stores.

    We try to change out our set no later than 7 years, or sooner if the support fails.

  2. We bought what is essentially an upholstered board platform about 1 or 2 inches thick to put under our mattress in place of the box spring on top of the regular bedframe. It gives a nice firm support, and lowers the bed by a few inches.