Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Think Mastering Algebra (or even Multiplication Tables) Matters More

From EDX:
Teaching Social Justice Through Secondary Mathematics
Explore and create secondary math classroom activities that consider social justice concerns.
Whoops!  The reviews make me suspect parody:
Butch Streisand 82 minutes ago
rates this course 4.5 / 5 starsThis course, like, totally opened my eyes. I had no idea that the binary system is so oppressive and, like, implies that there are only two genders, which everybody knows is, like, totally wrong and hurtful. I'm so glad that I'm now like totally woke and can like show the kids in my class how phallocentric and imperialistic our reactionary number system is.
Davis McAngela 6 hours agorates this course 5 / 5 starsFabulous course! I had no idea how heteronormative conic sections were until I started this course. Now I'm smashing the cis-mathematical patriarchy with intersectional matrices, feminist logarithms, AND I'm interrogating the dominant discourse of quadratics with much more inclusive solution methods! My students still don't know their times tables, but they ALL want to be community organizers now! Thank you! 
The reviews are satire, but the class looks real.

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