Monday, May 8, 2017

The Problem With Free Software is That it is Too Expensive to Use

I have used OpenOffice Draw to make simple drawings for years.  It has been consistent and fairly logical.  Now it has gone insane.  I drew a rectangle.  Then I drew a circle in the corner.  Now if I select that circle, it always selected the rectangle on which that circle is placed.  I sent the rectangle to the back and the behavior doesn't change.  All I want is a rectangle with several holes in it.

Nor can I move those circles.  It always drags the underlying (at the back) rectangle.


  1. Have you tried the "Ungroup" command? Or the "Group" command is turned on in 'Preferences'.


  2. Try LibreOffice. I think Open Office has been abandoned.

    That said, it isn't as good as commercial software. But I use it.

  3. some CAD programs require you to designate a location on the rectangle and then it automatically places your hole. Most common is when your placing a series of bolt or screw models on a flange in a uniform pattern.