Monday, May 29, 2017

Miami Vice

My wife and I were driven into a 1980s nostalgia moment by a passing Ferrari, and she suddenly wondered if Miami Vice was available on Netflix.  No, but it is available here for free.  This was a show that ran from dark to sometimes amusing, and always with enormous style, fast cars, awesome guns, amazing sound track (remember the Phil Collins song "Inthe Air Tonight." in one episode as Sonny drives through a dark Miami?), and often awesome acting, and the occasional guest actor.  Remember G. Gordon Liddy just acting naturally as "Captain Real Estate?"  Nice touch: a real picture of him with Henry Kissinger in the background.

Of course my Sanyo LCD TV has an SVGA input from my PC, but SVGA does not carry audio, so it's time to get an HDMI cable.

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