Thursday, May 18, 2017

Not Parody

Camp Grounded, summer camp for children pretending they are adults:
Don’t Miss Out – 2 Sessions in Mendocino, California

Healthy Gourmet Camp Meals, Live Music, 30+ Playshops, Campfires, Yoga, Counselors, Arts ‘n Crafts, Friendship Bracelets, Camp Dance, Talent Show, Sing-A-Longs, Rockwall Climbing, Canteen, Archery, Swimming, Meditation, Games, Skits, Typewriters, Capture the Flag, Classic Cabins, Color Wars, Stargazing, Program Specialists, Wellness, S’mores & More…
Typewriters?  Wait until the SJWs discover there's no autocorrect and centering involves some simple arithmetic instead of an earnest heart and contempt for others.

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