Sunday, May 28, 2017

Strictly speaking this is an invasive weed but it says so kind of pretty call white top



  1. Looks like Queen Anne's Lace (aka Wild Carrot) which is edible, but I'd have to look closer to tell if it was actually Poison Hemlock which is not!

  2. My property backs up several acres of open space in the Dry Creek Valley. We've had a bumper crop of white top this year--thickest and tallest I've ever seen. My two small dogs (< 20 lbs) can't really even force their way through it. I agree, it is kind of pretty to look at, but I draw the line when it starts invading my lawn, which is hard enough to maintain already. So I went on a slash-and-burn campaign against the white top this spring, cutting it back about 40 ft from my property line before it went to seed, and spraying it regularly with Zamzow's Ultra.

    I asked a rancher up the hill how he controlled it on his land. He gave me a crooked smile and said "A mixture of WD-40 and RoundUp. One kills the flowers, the other kills the roots." And everything else! But I guess he figures the grass will come back next year and the whitetop won't. My HOA won't let me get away with his solution.