Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Whenever I Wonder If I Am Still Unable to Return to Software Engineering...

I run into a problem that seems to exceed my remaining math powers, and I no longer wonder.

I need to cut two slots 0.449" long, 0.455" wide starting at x=4.58125 and y=0.230 from each end of a channel.  Because my mill has limited travel in the X axis, I decided the solution is to cut the 4.58125,0.023 slot first, turn the channel around and cut the second slot in the corresponding place,  The channel is 1.245" wide.  My increasingly limited brain says the slot should start at the same X location, 4.58125", but Y should be 1.245"-0.023"= 1.222" to 1.245"-(.23+.445)=0.57.

1 comment:

  1. Same problem here, sigh...

    What I do for this type of problem is to sketch it out, and draw in the distances needed. I try to lay it out in a 1:1 drawing, or if too small for that, to scale it up so I can see the relationship of the various dimensions. If drawn reasonably accurate, mistakes can often be seen, even before crunching the numbers.
    Sometimes you can just draw it directly on the piece with a pencil.