Thursday, April 28, 2016

More Evidence Of the Mental Health Crisis

4/28/16 WBAL:
Davis said the man voluntarily walked out of the building and across 41st Street, but did not listen to officers' orders and kept his hands in his pockets. That's when three officers fired a total of at least three shots, striking the suspect at least once. As there was still what he claimed to be a bomb attached to his chest, he remained on the median of 41st Street and is conscious. Police are interacting with him and manipulating his body using a bomb-handling robot.

The device strapped to his chest was actually made up of candy bars wrapped with foil, connected with wiring, a motherboard and apparent fire extinguisher parts wired to a handheld apparatus all meant to resemble a real explosive.

"It does not appear this device was something capable of being an actual explosive," Smith said.
A motive is not yet known.

"Why did he do this? We don't know the answer to that, and we want to know the answer to that," Davis said....

The security guard, Jourel Apostolidies, said the man handed him a flash drive. On the drive were videos of the man talking to the camera about what he believed were government conspiracies.

"My first thought was to get him out," he said. "My first instinct was to make sure he keeps his cool head."

The man was wearing a hedgehog onesie, light vest and combat boots, Apostolidies said. After he issued a request for staff to evacuate, he said he sat down and talked with the man.

"I'm not going to say I saw a bomb, what I saw was an attempt to make a fake bomb," he said.
I need to see this outfit!

More details evidencing the mental illness under the most bizarre headline ever:

Panda Bomber With Candy Bar Explosives Shot by Snipers, Stripped By Robot

Alex, wearing a panda costume, allegedly entered the WBFF-TV office, said he had a bomb and tried to handover a flash drive he said contained information about a government cover-up. The hoax bomb turned out to be chocolate bars wrapped in aluminum foil.

“About two weeks ago, Alex came to me and said that he had a revelation from God and Jesus that there was going to be a terrible event,” Edward Brizzi said.

Alex said that the world was going to end on June 3, and that he needed to get the message out and to save some people, his father said. “We were watching him after that,” Edward Brizzi said. But three days later, he went for a walk and ended up in a neighbor’s yard, and was restrained by authorities and hospitalized for four days, Edward Brizzi said.

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  1. Best headline I've seen, and it's from a RKBA site: "Panda Bomber With Candy Bar Explosives Shot by Snipers, Stripped By Robot".

    Folks, I’m going to put down a marker. I’m never going to be able to top that headline.

    Anyway, on to the bizarre story coming to us from Baltimore, where a man dressed in a panda suit wanted to broadcast a message that world was going to end and set his car on fire in a TV station parking lot.

    Then things really got weird....