Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nazi-Like Behavior At Trump Rally

4/14/16 Charlotte Observer:
As his supporters filed out at the end of the rally, they and the protesters engaged in heated verbal confrontations, with supporters chanting "USA!" and "Build that wall!" and protesters shouting profanities. Police in riot gear separated them.

Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer said there were some minor injuries, including to police officers, but she did not have additional details.

Among those hurt was an 18-year-old Trump supporter who was led to an emergency medical services van and treated after he was pepper-sprayed in the face by a man his friends identified as a protester.
When the left identifies Trump with Hitler, it's projection.

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  1. "When the left identifies Trump with Hitler, it's projection."

    Not entirely. Trump parallels Hitler in one important, perhaps central way - he appeals to a large bloc of voters who have lost all confidence in the established political system.

    Of course one must remember that a lot of the current Left are "recreators"; that is, people who want to relive the "glory days" of the Left. In the 2000s, "antiwar" activists tried to relive the Vietnam protests; the present hysteria about "racism" harks back to the civil rights movement.

    The anti-Trump goons imagine themselves as Weimar-era street fighters challenging the Brownshirts.

  2. Actually Bernie Sanders is a far, far more accurate depiction of Hitler as a candidate. When is the last time you saw Trump supporters causing disruptions at a Bernie rally or using mob gatherings to prevent opposing groups from engaging in political gatherings? It was a favorite tactic for the SA to attend a gathering for the opposition, cause a disturbance, and then paint themselves as the victims. Replace references to "Wall Street, 1%, wealthy, banks, etc." from a Sanders speech with analogous references to Jews and you have a Hitler campaign speech (and I mean *campaign* speeches, not the party rally speeches and speeches once he was in power which is pretty much all you ever see.)

  3. What about when the right compares Trump to Hitler? There is no question his protesters are run of the mill liberal fascists, but Trump draws, encourages, and counts on fascists of his own and his rhetoric is no better. Of course, it's my position that Trump IS a liberal fascist that happens to be running as a Republican because it is an easier avenue to power.

  4. /nathan: The only semifascist ideas I hear from Trump are nationalist (hardly exclusive to fascism) and some trade protectionist rhetoric which is somewhat understandable with some of the odd yuan exchange rate stuff.