Saturday, April 23, 2016

Black Lives Matter Activist Pleads Guilty

In a surprise move, a Kean University graduate accused of sending Twitter messages threatening black students on campus appeared in court Monday and pleaded guilty to the charge.

Kayla McKelvey, 25, of Union Township, pleaded guilty to a single count of third-degree creating a false public alarm, acting Union County Prosecutor Grace Park said in a statement.

In exchange for her plea, the prosecutor's office will recommend she receive a 90-day jail sentence, Park said.McKelvey, who is black, must also agree to pay $82,000 in restitution for the police response and investigation of the threats.

Last Thursday, Superior Court Judge William Daniel rejected McKelvey's appeal to be permitted in to a Pre-Trial Intervention Program that would have placed her on probation and could have allowed her to have the charge dropped from her record.
$82,000!  How many iterations of "Would you like fries with that, sir," will it take to pay that off?

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