Monday, April 18, 2016

Ever Wanted An Off the Books AR-15 and the Fun of Making Your Own?

My late friend Ron had one of these 80% complete AR-15 receivers made of polymer which he never had time to make.  This one is made by, and includes the jig for drilling and milling the holes required to complete it into a functioning lower receiver, along with the drills and the 7/16" end mill.

You can probably complete this with just a drill press, but I would bug a friend with a vertical mill to clean out the area where the trigger mechanism goes.  I am selling it because I have all the serious weapons I need, and I am short the time required to turn this into a functioning firearm.

A friend of Ron's made an AR-10 from a kit like this and said it wasn't hard.  They are currently having a sale on these for $80.  If I could get $50 for this to pass on to his widow, I would be happy.  The pink parts are the jig that holds the 80% lower in the vise while you drill and mill.

Instructions are here.

The video:


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