Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Armed Robbery When You Aren't At Work: Not a Big Deal at VA

4/19/16 Daily Caller:
Department of Veterans Affairs Under Secretary David J. Shulkin gave false information to Congress Tuesday, claiming that a Daily Caller News Foundation post was wrong, only to have department officials be forced to admit shortly afterwards that the story was accurate.

TheDCNF exclusively reported in March that Elizabeth Rivera was reinstated to her VA job, thanks to union rules after she got out of jail on an armed robbery charge and subsequent criminal conviction.

TheDCNF asked department officials about the situation prior to publication and even got a written statement saying that Rivera’s behavior was not sufficient grounds for termination since it occurred in her off hours. Rivera was the driver in a 3 a.m. armed robbery with a career criminal....
But in the final seconds of Tuesday’s hearing, Miller, a Florida Republican, returned from outside the hearing room and announced that “I just confirmed with the Caribbean Healthcare System that the individual we were discussing is still on the payroll.”

“Thank you for correcting that,” Shulkin responded.

“Why in the world would someone who has been convicted of armed robbery still be working at Veterans Affairs?” Miller asked.
Presumably because the White House doesn't have any job slots open.

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