Friday, April 22, 2016

Siding Estimates

Amazing the range.  Reve quoted us about $31,000 for vinyl.  They also noticed some wood rot that turned siding from an alternative to paint, into a necessity.  They emphasized all the ways in which their product was different from the competitors (all of which had pretty much identical features).  Any surprise that they wanted us to commit before anyone else gave us estimates?  Reading the BBB complaints about Reve is disheartening.

Western Siding quoted about $18,300.  Treasure Valley Exteriors quoted about $19,500.  Treasure Valley Seamless quoted $21,000 for steel siding.

No question steel will last decades longer than vinyl, but I do not expect to live longer than the vinyl.  Steel also recycles nicely but again I won't be around to recycle it.

At this point, it is primarily about price and who has better customer satisfaction.  For those considering siding, there seems to be so much profit in this that there is a threat of a bidding war.

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