Monday, April 25, 2016

Updating a Great Line from Gore Vidal's 1964 Play The Best Man

At the Democratic convention, a politician talks to the DNC chair and says to a friend, "There goes the only known connection between the KKK and the ACLU."  This was back when prominent Klan leaders sat on the DNC.  Today, the Democrats are the only known connection between gay rights activists and people that chop up gay rights advocates.From 4/25/16 Telegraph:
Two people were hacked to death on Monday at an apartment in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka, police said, with a local television channel identifying one of them as a leading gay rights activist.

"Unidentified attackers entered an apartment at Kalabagan and hacked two people to death. Another person was injured," Dhaka Metropolitan Police spokesman Maruf Hossain Sorder told AFP.

He did not identify the dead, but private television Channel 24 said one of them was the editor of Roopbaan, the country's only magazine for the LGBT community.

A spokesman for a gay rights group, Boys of Bangladesh, confirmed to AFP by text message that the Roopbaan editor was among the dead.

The editor was behind an annual Rainbow Rally, which since 2014 has been held on April 14, Bengali New Year....

Ahead of the banned rally earlier this month, the editor told AFP that they had received threats from Islamists, who posted messages online.

"They have even set up an online group to threaten us," he said.
 I know for a lot of gay people, feeling normal and accepted is very important.  But the continued gay preference for the party of Islam is likely to end badly, after all Christians have boarded trains for those central Nevada "re-education camps."

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